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Angel Bert®

Artikelnummer: 170299
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Angel Bert®
  • Angel Bert® multicoloured

Prijs- en productinformatie

Our Angel Bert loves it contemplative! So he'll do anything to keep you relaxed. It is not only for the holidays that it is a real phenomenon with its halo on the head and its large white wings. If Christmas is a stressful time because of the gift procurement, you can relax, Angel Bert already has one! And if that's not enough to relax: simply squeeze Angel Bert to reduce stress. Due to the material's properties, the product returns to its original shape.
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Artikelnummer 24270
Merk MBW
Gewicht 35 Gram
Maat one size
Materiaal material: polyurethane foam
Kleur multicolor
Afmeting length: 6 cm width: 7,50 cm height: 9,50 cm